Six Of The Absolute Worst Things You Could Do In A Job Interview

They say making a good first impression is vital when it comes to making a positive impact in an interviewing process.
So what happens when things don’t go quite to plan? Well, in most cases, you’re unlikely to progress any further in the recruitment procedure – leaving the door ajar for the much more competent candidates on offer.
First impressions go a long way to convincing the employers of your suitability for the position but what comes after in the bulk of the interview solidifies you as a promising candidate or an incompetent buffoon.
Here are some of the very worst things you can do in an interview process – can you identify with any of those listed below?!
Turn up late
When it comes to first impressions, turning up late is simply the worst possible start you can make to a job interview. If you manage to land the job after turning up late for your interview, you’re either an extremely gifted communicator or lucky that the other candidates were inexplicably useless.
Dress inappropriately
Always dress smart for an interview. Even if you feel like the position isn’t necessarily worthy of a smart appearance, it’s always a pre-requisite for employers to expect candidates to present themselves well. That means no trainers, trackies, caps, hoodies or over-the-top bling.
Smell rotten
You may look the part, but if you haven’t had a shower for a week and not bothered to spray yourself under the armpits with some deodorant then your sheer stench will probably want to make the employer vomit.
Leave your mobile phone on
Leaving your mobile phone on during an interview leaves you wide open to a host of embarrassing scenarios – especially if you have a particularly naff ringtone. But seriously, having your mobile device blurt out in the middle of an interview is not a good look. It’s extremely unprofessional and won’t go down well. Turn your mobile on silent before the interview. Oh, and don’t even think about answering it if it does go off.
Appear desperate
There is a clear distinction between showing genuine enthusiasm for a job and appearing desperate. It’s always advisable to avoid the latter. For instance, don’t admit to being skint – even if you are. Be honest, yes, but don’t commit interview suicide!
Attend completely unprepared
You should always prepare for an interview. Don’t automatically assume that your undoubted charm will shine through. The employer will be expecting that you’ve read in to the background of the company and have pre-empted any questions that may be thrown your way. The most common interview questions aren’t particularly difficult to predict – ‘Why do you want the job?’, ‘What makes you a suitable candidate for the job?’ – You get the idea, make sure you have something to say for all the obvious queries likely to come your way. Dead silence is always a no-no.
Matthew Wood is an SEO with extensive experience in developing off-page content for a wide variety of clients. One of those clients is EuroMaTech who offer a range of Training Seminars across the globe.