How to Find The Right Golf Instructor For You?

How to Find The Right Golf Instructor For You?

After months of jogging around neighborhoods and binging on Netflix, most Americans appear to see golf as an escape. In fact, amidst the shutdowns, people are turning to golf to be able to spend hours in the great outdoors, without problems when it comes to social distancing. 

A lot of golf courses are reporting escalated demand as members use golf clubs and courses more today than before. Florida, the US’ Sunshine State has more golf courses than any other place in the country. These days, you can find golf coaches and teachers every couple of miles down the road as Golf Instruction Florida becomes more in demand. 

Tips to Find the Right Golf Instructor

The problem in the world of golf is that teachers, instructors don’t require any certification or qualification to teach. Anybody could set up space and claim to be a golf instructor. A lot of people out there think that teaching golf is easy and you can always find someone in a group trying to instruct their friends. 

However, keep in mind that just because someone may be a decent golf player, it doesn’t make them qualified to teach players of various flexibility types of body, learning style, and so on. Coaching golf is an art. When looking for the right golf instructor Orlando, keep the following in mind. 

1. Someone Known To Help Players

Get referrals from those who have worked with the instructor you have in mind. Ask if they have improved their game, their thoughts on the processes, and any progress in the game. There are a lot of instances when a player may personally like their coach but not getting better. 

And since they don’t want to hurt the feelings of the instructor, they don’t explore other choices. This is a tough situation, but keep in mind that it’s your life and it’s your future playing the game. A split from your coach doesn’t mean you could not remain friends. 

2. Someone Who Cares About The Players He/She Is Working With

Great instructors in truth not only have love, but also a great passion for what they do as well as the people they’re able to help. You could indeed visually see this love in all sports. Consider a team winning a championship and they all the players hug their coach, and the coach hugs the players as well. 

The relationship you have with your golf instructor need not be that personal, but it’s important to work with somebody who cares. Between lessons, great coaches will follow up to check your progress. 

3. Somebody Who Listens

It’s wrong to think that great teachers give long, great, winded speeches. In truth, a terrific instructor will listen to you and what you need. Moreover, a great golf instructor Orlando will speak in a short, clear, and meaningful way. 

There are a lot of teachers that talk constantly, always telling you to do something different. Avoid these kinds of coaches as much as possible. Also, be very cautious of someone trying to sound smart. 

Your aim should be on finding the most effective yet simplest route to improvement. If you hear about biomechanics and physics, which most golf instructors aren’t qualified to discuss anyway, be very careful. 

4. Someone Busy

Sometimes, it could be frustrating to call and not to get in with your coach immediately, but there are reasons why they’re busy. Busy coaches are wonderful in what they do. Make it a point however to anticipate when you’re coming in and make a schedule beforehand. 

A lot of times, if you require emergency help, a great instructor will stay longer to help or to find time beyond their schedule. 

5. Someone With Certifications And Qualifications

Earlier, I mentioned that there are no requirements to teach golf. It’s really a shame since we are dealing with human performance and movement. There are a lot of certifications and qualifications that terrific coaches earn and great coaches are learning all the time. 

Great instructors never feel that they’re good enough, thus they’re always working to become better. 

Golf Instructors to Avoid

While you are trying to find the right golf coach, there are also some things that should alert you. 

1. Someone Who Doesn’t Teach A Lot

The instructor may just be starting off, but the instructors that get results are those with a busy schedule. Usually, great coaches are full since people love working with them and they’re getting results. 

2. Frequently Checking Their Watch

This is obviously a sign that the coach doesn’t care to be there with you. They’re only counting the minutes with the lesson and collecting a fee. This is someone who doesn’t care if you learn or not, or worried about something instead of your golf game. 

3. Someone Who Always Work On A Swing

For you to score better, you should work on the game in a holistic way. You must have a healthy dose of chipping, putting, bunker, pitching, mental game, and so on. Just swinging on each practice doesn’t make sense at all. 

Unfortunately, a lot of teachers approach the game of golf this way, standing on the range and only teaching swing mechanics. The instructor to go for is someone who takes players to the short game area, putting green, and golf course. 

4. Someone Using Too Much Technology

A few years back, there was a big buzz on all the available technology, but all the technology hurts players more than helps them improve their game. Always, players should learn about the cause and effect from their swings. A Trackman is one example of technology used in golf

Get out of there if a teacher only uses a launch monitor and watches it more than he/she watches you. Find someone else who could explain your cause and effect, and how it impacts the flight of the ball. 


Naturally, you would want a golf coach who has a history of helping players to score better. You want a coach who greatly cares about how you do and would be there for you always. Nevertheless, keep in mind that no great instructor could do it for you, thus you should do your part to improve as well.


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