Best Lifetime Deals Under $10

Batik Art Designs

What is better than lifetime deals? Lifetime deals under $10!

Check out this article and you will have a lifetime to thank us for these amazing deals which cost less than $10!

Why go for lifetime deals?

If you’ve never gone for a lifetime deal before, it’s time you did. Because that means you will never have to make that purchase again. No subscriptions. No monthly bills. You pay once and that is it. The product is yours forever and you are free to use it whenever, however and for how long you want. And, let me tell you a little secret: the best lifetime deals are definitely those under $10. Discover some of the best top 5, under $10 deals and pick your favorite!

Coolmuster Animated GIF Maker For Windows With Lifetime Upgrades



Best Lifetime Deals Under $10

Do you want to get noticed on Social Media? Then it’s time you stopped posting solely static pictures. 2020 is the year of videos and that has been proven by numerous researches. Why is that?

People love to be captivated by stories and that is exactly what this GIF maker will help you achieve – the attention, admiration, and engagement of your audience.


  • Supports Multiple Graphics Formats

  • JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, BMP & Many More!

  • Contains Built-in Image Animation Editor + Previewer

  • Supports Multiple Pictures Import

  • Compatible With Windows 8/7/Vista/XP

  • Standalone Program With Lifetime Upgrades

Apart from all the amazing features this is a very friendly and easy to use tool. You do not have to be a videographer to create amazing dynamic content! You only need this Animated GIF Maker from Coolmuster!

X-Mirage – Professional AirPlay Server For Mac & Windows PC With Lifetime Access




Best Lifetime Deals Under $10

You’re sick of having to gather around a tiny laptop to watch a video every time your friends come over? Maybe you want to show them pictures from your summer holiday. Or maybe you are in class, wanting to share your presentation with your colleagues.

If there’s a TV around, all you need to make things good for everyone is X-Mirage, the professional AirPlay server For Mac & Windows PC. Forget everything about complicated setups, all you need now is your phone and the greatest streaming app.


  • Real-Time Mirroring

  • Supports Multiple Devices

  • One-Click Recording

  • Audio Streaming

  • Media Control

  • Password Protection

740 Batik Art Designs And Art Constructor – Extended Commercial License



Best Lifetime Deals Under $10

Designers, watch out, this is one of the most amazing deals under $10 out there! If you want to create outstanding designs in no time, this collection was made especially for you.

The collection includes a large variety of pre-made illustrations, such as ornament backgrounds, maple leaves & arrangements, colorful houses with butterflies, trees & cats, bright tulips, foxes with furry leaves, and many others. You can use all these to create artistic content, content that tells a story, content that sells.


  • Massive 740 Batik art designs

  • 372 elements

  • 123 abstract backgrounds

  • 84 design papers

  • 54 ornament backgrounds

  • 37 borders

  • 36 compositions

  • 17 frames

  • 13 ornaments

  • 4 illustrations

The illustrations in this collection can be used to create Social Media content, website designs, prints, T-shirts, packaging, and even coffee cups or posters. Really, with this lifetime deal, the sky is the limit!

240 Seamless Geometric Patterns Bundle – Extended Commercial License



Geometric Patterns

Modern design is all about geometric shapes. Just think about Scandinavian furniture and décor. The overall feeling is that of perfection – every element has its own place. Now you can enjoy that in your work with the Seamless Geometric Patterns Bundle.

If naturally, creating a modern geometric look takes time – you have to arrange and adjust each and every element, this bundle gives you everything you need to start creating. All you have to do is let your imagination run wild. Think about how would you combine circles with squares and triangles to create impressive art.


  • 150 Seamless Geometric Patterns

  • 90 Element Shapes

  • 10 Premade Backgrounds

  • Fully Editable Vector Designs

You can use one of the greatest deals under $10 to create art that sells with way more. You can create online content and offline materials such as T-shirts, posters, and packaging.

200+ Shiny Backgrounds Collection + 10 Bonus Backgrounds



Shiny Backgrounds

If you’ve always loved glam life, it’s your time to shine! With this shiny background collection, your work with shine bright like a diamond!


  • 200+ Shiny Light Backgrounds

  • +10 Bonus Backgrounds

  • 8 Distinct Styles To Choose From

  • Hi-Resolution Backgrounds

  • Handcrafted Stylus-Painted Details

  • Multiple Effects Such As – Lightning, Flames, Plasma, Haze, Outer Space Glow & More!

  • Extended License For A Lifetime

This collection was crafted in 8 different styles. The backgrounds are good for games, posters, flyers, postcards, advertising, software, applications, website background, or wallpaper, and are split into the following categories:

  1. Plasma

  2. Bokeh and Snow

  3. Serpentine

  4. Night Lights

  5. Bright Bokeh

  6. Flame and Lighting

  7. Space Light

  8. Sparkling

It’s safe to say that the life of a designer revolves around backgrounds. Whether we are talking about branding, print design, or online creations. These backgrounds are here to give your content that little something that will make you stand out from the ground.

So, what did you choose? Just think about it, you can get all these lifetime deals at less than $50 or become a DealClub member and get all these deals for FREE. Now, that’s business well made! You only purchase once and enjoy for a lifetime!


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